Internet Site Survey

Thank you for your interest in our internet service. By completing the following form you are signing up for a free site survey. We will be sending a technician to your location to check for signal quality, and may need access to your roof via ladder or bucket truck. Once the survey is completed a technician will call you with the results. An installation can be scheduled at that time. Rental properties will require signed permission from the landlord before we can install anything to the building. Please click below to enter your contact information for a complimentary site survey today!

Please consider the following questions and feel free to answer them in the comment section to help us best serve you.

  • Are you interested in our phone service? If so, would you like to keep your own number?
  • Do you rent or own? If you rent what’s your landlords contact information?
  • Will you need help setting up or connecting your personal devices?
  • Do you have a wireless router to provide WIFI or do you need us to provide one?
  • Are you interested in using streaming services? If so, how many devices will be streaming at the same time? Also, will you need help setting the services up?